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Circle Noetic’s products

Hyphenation packages

Dashes™. Based upon a powerful hyphenation algorithim, it is the ultimately small, extremely fast and highly accurate multi-language hyphenation package.

Dashes Pro™ is the only multilingual hyphenation application for the Macintosh. It supports RTF, Quark Tag, StyleEdit, and plain text formats. Use it with Microsoft Word, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, or any application that supports discretionary hyphenation.

Spell checker

First introduced in 1987, PassWord™ is very fast and compact spelling checker. It features multi-language support with user exception dictionaries and reject lists. It is available as Macintosh code resource or Windows DLL. Since it is written in ANSI C, it is highly portable.

Natural language toolbox

WordFan™ is a highly customizable natural language processing toolbox that provides linguistic intelligence in many languages. It may be used for Smart Document¬†Indexing, Linguistic Query Expansion, Relevance Aboutness Classification, allowing markedly smaller full text indexes, and substantially faster retrieval.

Linguistic data

Circle Noetic offers extensive Word Lists™, currently for 13 languages.

Lexical database, Semantic Network

InOtherWords™ offers technology that allows computer to know what your words mean.

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