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Press Release

Mont Vernon, NH — May 5, 1994

Circle Noetic Services Provides Foriegn Language Stemming Technology to Personal Library Software.

Circle Noetic Services (CNS) announced today that Personal Library Software will incorporate WordFan™ French and Spanish stemming technology into its full-text retrieval products. WordFan provides word stemming, which accurately returns either the stem or a host of possible conjugations, declensions or variants of a particular word. Stemming is an important part of natural language querying and relevance ranking, features for which PLS is well known.

“PLS is strongly committed to the international marketplace, and native language support is critical to internationalizing our products,” Bruce Mount, Personal Library Software’s Director of Product Development, said. “We are pleased with CNS’ technology and its ability to support PLS in delivering this functionality.”

Personal Librarian™ version 4.0, which began shipping this month, will be released later this month in French, Spanish, Italian and German versions.

About Circle Noetics

Circle Noetics, based in Mont Vernon, NH, specializes in multilingual product support. In addition to the WordFan technology, CNS offers the Dashes™ hyphenation technology in 29 languages, and the PassWord™ spelling checker technology in 11 languages. With custom development, CNS will provide additional language support for these and other products.

About Personal Library Software

Personal Library Software is the leading supplier of text retrieval and document management software combining intelligent retrieval techniques with the flexibility of graphical user interfaces. The PLS family of products is used today in online services, CD-ROM and multi-media publishing, as well as in workgroup and enterprise applications. For more information on Personal Library Software’s products and services, contact its headquarters at 2400 Research Boulevard, Suite 350, Rockville, MD 20850, (301) 990-1155,

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